what we do

Audit & Network Optimization

Telecom Audit & Network Optimization is a very effective way to reduce costs, reclaim monies spent for erroneous charges, and make sure your network services are in order and competitively priced.

Our Telecommunications Auditing services are designed to effectively accomplish the following:

  • Assure a detailed analysis of telecommunication and data network services, contracts and spend
  • Build database and identify purpose of lines and circuits in service at each location
  • Provide sound recommendations to reduce costs / increase efficiency
  • Identify billing errors and secure retroactive credits
  • Implement all approved recommendations
  • Verify that all intended benefits from recommendations are being received
  • Minimize the amount of effort required by the client’s staff while achieving impressive results

We have successfully completed over 500 Telecom Expense Audit and Optimization projects for large, mid, and small sized organizations.